Safe from the Tsunami – Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are safe!!! As many of you heard there was a Tsunami yesterday in the South Pacific. It was 1,000 miles north of us. By the time it arrived here yesterday morning at 11am local time it was so small you couldn’t tell it hit. We are on a very [...]

Tattoos-Gary Dawson

Well I got my first tattoo or should I say Tattoo’s. In Polynesia tattooing is a very a very ancient custom. They use to cover their complete body with tattoos. They did it not only for ornamentation and distinction but to guard their heath and spiritual well being. Each object is comprised of a number [...]

Bora Bora to Maupiti

Hello from Bora Bora! We managed to sneak a few extra days in to our stay here. Bora Bora is a great island and we are pleasantly surprised. We had heard many stories of how commercialized it is and we have found that not to be true. There are many over [...]

Bora Bora or Bust

Well here we are in Bora Bora! Finally! We left Raitea and Tahaa on Saturday and arrived here 4 hours later. Bora Bora is a more commercialized island but still quite beautiful. This is a big destination for Honeymooners and the famous. Mike spoiled the two of us by staying [...]

Bora Bora – Gary Dawson

After swimming with the whales our life is going to sound boring. That was such a highlight. Anyways we left Huahine for Taara last Saturday and stayed there for one week. Taara is about 20miles from Huahine. We visited about four different anchorages in that time. It was a very pretty island, but we mostly [...]

Swimming with the Whales – Gary Dawson

We did it and it was the most awesome and scariest thing I have done underwater. We were getting ready to leave Huahine, without having pursued diving with Humpback whales. The cost was going to be $400 for the three of us with no guarantee we would see any whales. Anyways I meet a boat [...]

Swimming with the Whales!

Okay, so our latest adventure blows all other adventures out of the water! We swam with whales!Mike and Gary have been searching for a way to go diving with the whales since we ever saw whales. We hired a local guy, Jeremy, here on Huahine. He took 5 of us (Marnie, Mike, [...]

Huahine – Gary Dawson

We left Moorea on Thursday night for Huahine (latitude 16 43’ S, Longitude 151 02” W) which was 90 miles away (15 hours). We only had a double reefed main and were doing 6.5 knots. It was blowing 25030 knots all night with 8 -12 ft seas. I loved it.
Huahine is another beautiful Island. On [...]

Moorea-Huahine – September 5, 2009

We have many adventures of Moorea we’d like to share with you. While there Mike and Gary did several dives off the reef where we were anchored. They say many fish, specifically large lemon sharks. Mike has become quite the pro at taking underwater pictures and was so excited to get the sharks [...]

Moorea – Gary Dawson

We left Tahiti on Monday and arrived in Moorea (latitude 17 30’S longitude 149 50’W) staying in Opunohu Bay. It was only an 18 mile trip from Tahiti, so all went well.
After arriving we discovered that the repair to the refrigerator system was not working. So we had to go back to Tahiti to get [...]