On The Road Again…… Marnie and Mike

Well Mike and Gary arrived in Wellington last week safe and sound but not before they hit the gale force winds that are so popular and unpredictable here. They hit some 50 knot winds but made it through. When they arrived I met them at the Marina where they told the manager they hit 50 [...]

Wellington – by Gary Dawson

New Zealand Wellington
Wellington is an awesome city. It is most definitely my favorite in North New Zealand. It is a very young city in relation to the people. I’d swear that 80% of the people I see walking or in restaurants are 20-35. It also has a very positive energy. People are alive and there [...]

On The Way to Wellington…..

Hi All. I made it to Wellington last night.
Wow…what a great city. Much bigger than
I imagined……but boy is it
windy here.   The locals all told us it would be and they did not disappoint.  It is also several degrees colder and all the locals are wearing jackets and hats.   I’ve been in contact with Mike and [...]

Tauranga, NZ

Hi Again.  Sorry for the lack of communications recently, but internet service has been sporadic.  Mike received a $14,000 satellite bill for October and November’s usage so we have stopped using it until we get that squared away.  We now have to rely on WIFI so don’t worry if you don’t hear from us as [...]

New Zealand Mercury Island – Gary Dawson

I do not have access to the internet on the boat anymore so my internet access will be sporadic. When ever I get to a city. So if you do not hear from me you will know why.
Since the last email we stopped at a couple of more bays on the Great Barrier Island. Whangaparapara [...]

Great Barrier Island, NZ – Marnie

G’day! We’ve had spotty internet use over the last several days so forgive the delay in getting updates to you. We are all happy to be back at sea after our month in the boat yard.
Mike and I made a two day trip back to Auckland by car to get some Acupuncture as we [...]

New Zealand at Sea Again- Gary Dawson

New Zealand at Sea Again
We are finally at sea again. It is Saturday and we left this morning at 7 am for the Great Barrier Island about 45 miles out to sea. The wind is dead on and light so we are motoring Bla Bla. But the sun is out so all is OK. I [...]