Bora Bora or Bust

Well here we are in Bora Bora! Finally! We left Raitea and Tahaa on Saturday and arrived here 4 hours later. Bora Bora is a more commercialized island but still quite beautiful. This is a big destination for Honeymooners and the famous. Mike spoiled the two of us by staying at the brand new resort here, The Four Seasons….WOW what a place. Over water bungalows that aren’t bungalows but houses….just beautiful. We’ve done a few dives here but nothing like the shark dives Mike and Gary like. We are exploring this island for a few more days before our visa is up on Saturday….than on to a few tiny islands before setting sail for the Cook Islands. We will hit the Cook Islands before October 5th as we are picking up a friend of Gary’s there (Amanda). Amanda will be with us until the end of October and will help us sail to Cook Islands. I’ve just been having a hard time with being able to download pictures so I apologize for that…..We have many to download so hopefully by the end of this week we can do that. All for now…Life is Good…Love to all

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