Whale Tales – by Mike Dawson

By now most readers have read about our great extraordinary swim with the whales in Huahene seeing the baby with the mother with in just meters of touching them. The quest continues as we travel these great waters of the Pacific. When arriving in Neiafu Tonga a small Island, we decided to check out the [...]

Tonga continues – by Gary Dawson

Last time I wrote we were on our way to Tonga. Our trip was great, sunny days and starry nights. I also mentioned that we caught a 30lb Wahoo. Shortly there after Amanda landed a 4 ft Mahi Mahi.
We are now in Tonga and out first stop[p was the VaVau group of Islands. They are [...]

Niue Island – by Gary Dawson

Niue Island

We are on our way to Vava’u group of Islands in Tonga. Our first stop will be Neiafu at Latitude 18 44’ S Longitude 174 W. We left Niue last Night at 10 pm. It is a short trip about 250 miles west of Niue (36 hours).

Today is a beautiful day [...]

The Relentless Storm – by Mike Dawson

As many of you have read and heard we recently sailed thru a tremendous storm….this is my account of those events:
Upon leaving a beautiful Island named Isle Maupiti on a wonderful Thursday morning we set voyage through the Passé Onoiau. This pass comes together with the ocean on the outside bringing 6 ft. waves and [...]

Sailing to Niue – October 12, 2009 – by Marnie

Hello everyone.  Although I am back in Denver for a while we are still keeping the website updated. 
Mike, Gary and Amanda left Rarotonga on Saturday for 4+ day sail to Niue.  The expect to arrive late Tuesday or early Wednesday.  I spoke with Mike last night and they have decent weather and are making good [...]

Rarotonga – by Gary Dawson

Rarotonga is our first stop in the Cook Islands and they speak English. They are closely affiliated with New Zealand with a population of 12,000. So it is a pretty busy Island, they  even have a movie theater, the old fashion big screen kind and of course we went, but as usual I do not [...]

Cook Islands-Rarotonga – October 7, 2009

Since the Tsunami hit American Somoa Islands last week, we’ve heard from other cruisers that were there when the tsunami hit that the devastation is unimaginable. We’ve also learned that along with the many locals that were killed, so were some fellow cruisers that lost their lives as well. It’s very sad. [...]