Back in the Water – February 1, 2010

G’Day. Shellette is back in the water as of Thursday afternoon. We toasted with Champagne as we worked very hard for three weeks. Shellette is happy to be back in the water and so are we. She is maintained, repaired and cleaned! I cannot express to you the amount of work we did…..too much. We [...]

New Zealand – Caving by Gary

The boat went back in the water on Thursday Hurraaaaaaaa. We got all the projects done plus some that were not planned. All is well with Shellette. Mike and Marnie are back on the boat after spending 3 weeks in a hotel. I am leaving the boat for 3 days to go on a road [...]

On the Hard Week 3 – by Gary

The work continues. The fiberglass hull repair work is all done, thank goodness it is the nastiest,grinding and working with epoxy resigns and all. The painting of the hull is complete. We are hoping to launch on Wednesday, if we don’t there will not be another window to launch for another week. The salon floor [...]

Whangarei still

We are still in Whangarei (North Island) and the boat remains on the Hard for two full weeks now.
The weather in New Zealand is much like mountain weather in Colorado….if you don’t like it, wait 5 minutes and it will change. New Zealand has a hole in it’s Ozone layer therefore ten minutes in [...]

New Zealand Boat Wrok Week I-Gary Dawson

It has been over a week since we hauled the boat and started to work on it. As I mentioned last time I am staying on the boat and all has been well. I cook most of my meals on board and take showers in the yards bathroom facilities We do not have any refrigeration [...]