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Vanuatu to Australia….by Mike Dawson

Day one of our journey to OZ land.
First off, the day before I am making ready all the final preparations to get off on time. Roger, my savior of sailing has committed to help me sail Shellette to the OZ land. I am making French Toast. I need to make sure I take extra care [...]

Off To OZ….

Off to OZ
Our friend Roger is returning to Vanuatu to sail to Australia with Mike. I am returning to the states to get to the Dr. as I’ve picked up a bug along the way…nothing serious…..besides, I’m also over the passages….
Mike and Roger have a 1,050 sail ahead of them from Port Vila, Vanuatu [...]


We sailed to the island of Malakula and anchored in a bay known as Port Sandwich.
Luckily we had a good cruising guide book because as tempting as this bay was to take a swim….it is known as quite the shark haven. Years ago they started to discard cattle carcass’ here and all the sharks [...]


As we traveled around Vanuatu we encountered wonderful people, rough seas and once in a life time experiences.
While anchored off of the Meskalyn Islands, we were approached again by a local dugout canoe. We were told the Chief extended an invitation to us to visit the village that afternoon. At the [...]