Galapagos Islands – Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello everyone. We are still in the Galapagos Islands. We spent the first few days catching up on some rest after our long sail from Panama and cleaning the boat as it gets quite dirty on a long passage.
I wanted to fill you in on our ‘crossing of the Equator’ experience. I [...]

LAND HO! Monday, May 25, 2009

We’ve arrived at the Galapagos Islands! We are safe and sound and have arrived around 1pm today! We came in on practically fumes…but we made it. We are anchored off Isla Santa Cruz and awaiting Customs and Immigration. We are not to leave the boat until they come. A Doctor is [...]

Equator Here We Come – Sunday, 5/24/09

On the way to Galapagos…..We are all safe and somewhat sane! We were hoping to arrive at the Galapagos this morning however, our fuel supply has run lower than anticipated and we had to go well out of our way and tack to catch some wind….long story-short, we will be there tomorrow (Monday) late afternoon(ish). [...]

Thursday, May 21, 2009-I think!

Just a brief wrap up of our time in Panama. Of course the Canal was very exciting. You read about what Mike and Gary had to say…so you know that none of us were thrilled with Panama City. We heard such great things about it, but don’t feel it was worth a trip [...]

Paralyzed in Paradise by Gary Dawson

We departed Panama, finally! We expect to arrive Gallapagos by Sunday(ish). Mostly calm seas await us on this sail, not much wind so we are motoring a good portion of the way. Read on for Gary’s latest column. ….
Paralyzed in Paradise by Gary Dawson
Paralysis is not being able to move. Could be [...]

Panama City – by Mike Dawson

So…here we still sit in Panama City…we have been stuck here because our Agent sucks.
We are hoping to take off for Galapagos tomorrow, Monday morning….stay tuned.
Mike has written his story of his time in Panama below. Enjoy:
Saturday Mornings
Some people take Saturday mornings to sleep in, wake up with a loved one, have a cup [...]

Panama Update – May 12, 2009

Hello Everyone! What an experience transiting the Panama Canal!
There are actually two parts to the process. Travel three locks up to Gatun Lake the first night….then sleep on the lake. The next morning on to the next three locks, down to the Pacific Ocean. Gary steered us thru the first three [...]

Panama Canal Transit, May 7 & 8, 2009 – by Gary Dawson

Some of you know that Gary has been writing a small column in the Charlevoix, MI newspaper each week about our sailing adventures. I am going to post his article about our transit thru the Canal to give you a little history of our adventure, below:
The Panama Canal
Well how about a little history lesson [...]

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mothers in our lives!

Mike, Gary and Ben lost when rolling dice last night so they are cooking breakfast and have to clean up…. (Happy Mother’s Day to me too-Ha)

Hello Pacific Ocean!!!! May 9, 2009

First: Congratulations to my niece, Kelsey McConaghy on her First Holy Communion today!
Just a quick update to let you know we made our transit thru the canal!!!! What an experience. We finsihed around 1pm on Friday afternoon. We heard several of you were able to see us go thru the last of the [...]