Snakes, Sharks and Crocs…OH MY!

Let me talk about what else we saw along the way! As you head North in Queensland you are heading for the tropical part of Australia. The Southern half is sub-tropical like New Zealand.
We spent 4 days at the Whit Sunday Islands. I never knew Australia had such pristine, white sand beaches [...]


I’ve had some problems with posting our blogs on the website…sorry about that. All seems to be okay now.
We have since returned from Fiji to Australia and we rented a Camper Van (High Top) to do some land travel. Think VW Bus with a sink, fridge, stove top and bed. I like [...]

Updates from Down Under!!

Hello everyone. We took a week to fly to Fiji to visit some yachts friends we still have there.
We were welcomed back so warmly by the locals that it just felt like coming home!
We chartered a small boat one day to head out to the Yasawa islands …it was quite a rough ride but [...]