The Winds Keep A Blowin’….

Okay….so you’ve heard me say it’s very windy in New Zealand right? Well it is so unbelievably windy I simply cannot begin to describe it appropriately. Gary has returned from his week of touring South Island. We are still in Wellington waiting for a weather window to clear so Mike and Gary can [...]

Road Trip – by Gary Dawson

Wow how time flies. I am now 5 days into my road trip of the New Zealand South Island. First part of the journey was taking a Ferry from Wellington to Picton. As I mentioned I am staying in Backpacker Hostels. They are like youth hostels which I have never stayed in. They offer differant [...]

South Island Tour Update

Mike and I have returned from our South Island adventure. What a fantastic trip! We rented a car, had a tent and two sleeping bags and made our way down the entire East Coast of South Island and then headed to the West Coast and back up to the top. We [...]

South Island, NZ – Marnie and Mike

Well we are now nearly 2,000 kilometers ito our road trip and it just gets better each day. Everywhere you go here is different….from the sea to the Southern Alps. It is a very beautiful country! What an adventure we have had discovering NZ. We worked our way down the entire [...]

Wellington – Gary Dawson

Wellington just gets better and better. There is so much to do here. I know you would rather hear about sailing adventures or new Islands but here I am in Wellington. I did not get a chance to kite sail again because you have to have the right weather and if there is one [...]

Road Trip Update – Marnie and Mike

We are well on our way and have covered 800+km in only two days. We are now in Dunedin on the East Coast of South Island and it is fabulous. They have a very eclectic, cool city here too. This is considered the wild life capital of NZ and it shows. [...]