Back in the USA

Hi all. We did return to Colorado and spending some time visiting family in other States too. We have been lucky to spend most of the winter in the Aspen area and it has been lovely!
We have received news that the Cyclone season in the South Pacific has been a rough one with Australia getting hit causing lots of damage and flooding. Luckily Shellette is in good hands and safe from any damage. If you happened to see CNN where they reported the sea foam in Australia was in the streets….well that is where Shellette is…but tucked away and no sea foam for Her! We also received reports from fellow yachties that Fiji took a big hit from a cyclone and sustained much damage. Those of you that visited us there will be sad to here Musket Cove and Port Denarau were hard hit.

Shellette is still for sale but no serious offers yet. While I am looking for work ( to keep Mike in the style and comforts he is accustomed), Mike is readying to return to AU next month to ready Shellette for the remaining trip back to the USA…..remember Shellette is a custom made vessel and was built in South Africa and She will complete her circumnavigation soon! All for now….Stay tuned…Life is Good!

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