New Zealand, Great Barrier Islands – by Gary Dawson

New Zealand
Great Barrier Isl.

It feels like a lot has transpired since I last wrote. I spent 4 days at Great Barrier Isl.. It is in essence a wilderness Isl. with many beautiful bays and anchorages. At this time of year I was one of a very few number of boats out there. I did [...]

Life in the U.S. – Mike and Marnie

As you know Mike and I have been in the States the last several weeks.  We’ve enjoyed seeing family and friends.  We’ve attended football games and hockey games.  We even managed a surprise birthday party for Mike in November!!!! We also made it back to Key Largo, FL to spend a wonderful Thanksgiving with Mike’s family.   We [...]

New Zealand – by Gary Dawson

New Zealand
Moments In Time
Its hard to describe the beauty of what I am looking at right now. I left Opua and went to a little uninhabited Island about 2 hours away called Motuarohia. Captain Cook dropped anchor here Nov.29 1769. I and another boat are the only ones in the bay. The sun is setting [...]