Fiji by Gary

We made it to Fiji. What a great trip. The course was due north 1000 miles. The first day we had great winds from the SW at about 20 knots, so we were making 7-9 knots boat speed. The next two days the wind lightened, so we motor sailed. The last 3 days is what [...]

Opua – by Gary Dawson

We are back in Opua, 5 months ago this is were Nicole , Colby and myself made our first New Zealand Landfall. Wow! has it been that long? Did alot too, from caving to touring the South Island by train and bus and Ferry and many adventures in between including finding the most awesome hugging [...]

Challenging Adventures – by Gary Dawson

The big event this week was that I got my Kite Surfing card. I have been working towards this for the last month. Now I can rent equipment anywhere in the world. It was great to get up on the board and Kite Surf, thank you my talented and lovely instructor Jasmin.
I have not done [...]

Leaving Wellington – Gary Dawson

Mike and I left Wellington this morning (Thursday) @ 10 am after taking on fuel and water. It was a perfect day for sailing 15-20 knots of wind, sailing at 7 knots and no clouds in the sky. We even had dolphin swimming with us out of the bay, always a positive sign for a [...]

Road Trip – by Gary Dawson

Wow how time flies. I am now 5 days into my road trip of the New Zealand South Island. First part of the journey was taking a Ferry from Wellington to Picton. As I mentioned I am staying in Backpacker Hostels. They are like youth hostels which I have never stayed in. They offer differant [...]

Wellington – Gary Dawson

Wellington just gets better and better. There is so much to do here. I know you would rather hear about sailing adventures or new Islands but here I am in Wellington. I did not get a chance to kite sail again because you have to have the right weather and if there is one [...]

Wellington – by Gary Dawson

New Zealand Wellington
Wellington is an awesome city. It is most definitely my favorite in North New Zealand. It is a very young city in relation to the people. I’d swear that 80% of the people I see walking or in restaurants are 20-35. It also has a very positive energy. People are alive and there [...]

New Zealand Mercury Island – Gary Dawson

I do not have access to the internet on the boat anymore so my internet access will be sporadic. When ever I get to a city. So if you do not hear from me you will know why.
Since the last email we stopped at a couple of more bays on the Great Barrier Island. Whangaparapara [...]

New Zealand at Sea Again- Gary Dawson

New Zealand at Sea Again
We are finally at sea again. It is Saturday and we left this morning at 7 am for the Great Barrier Island about 45 miles out to sea. The wind is dead on and light so we are motoring Bla Bla. But the sun is out so all is OK. I [...]

New Zealand – Caving by Gary

The boat went back in the water on Thursday Hurraaaaaaaa. We got all the projects done plus some that were not planned. All is well with Shellette. Mike and Marnie are back on the boat after spending 3 weeks in a hotel. I am leaving the boat for 3 days to go on a road [...]