Moorea – August 30, 2009

The fridge finally got fixed last Sunday night! We drank wine with Msr. Michelle to celebrate and picked his brain some more about Tahitian ways. We set sail for the Island of Moorea on Monday morning. Thank goodness Moorea is only a 2.5 hour sail from Tahiti because the fridge broke again [...]

Papeete’ Tahiti, Week 3 – by Gary Dawson

We are still here. We fixed the engine and just after that the refrigeration compressor went bad. So that has taken another 3 days to get fixed. Luckily it went out in Tahiti as there are a lot of parts available here.
We did a lot of shopping during the week to stock the boat with [...]

Tahiti – August 23, 2009

Mike and I returned from the States late one evening to be held up at immigration because they did not like the fact that we were granted a 90 day stay when we arrived in Marquesas late June. Apparently they only like to grant Americans 30 days stay. They eventually let us go [...]

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mike and I are headed back to Tahiti after spending some time in Denver and I also in Jersey. Thanks to everyone for making the effort, inviting us to parties and BBQ’s and simply making time to see us while we were in town….your love and support is so appreciated! Gary has spent time [...]

Papeete’, Tahiti – August 4, 2009

We’ve arrived in Tahiti 5 or 6 days ago and have spent the last several days visiting different parts of Tahiti. We are now is Papeete’ which is the capital of Tahiti and quite the thriving metropolis, complete with many stores and traffic. We have not encountered such a busy place since Panama.
It [...]

Tahiti – by Gary Dawson

Tahiti is what always represented the pacific Islands to me. This is where Capt. Cook and his motley crew of sailors first encountered the beautiful and free loving Tahitian women. I am sure things have changed since then but I really don’t’ know yet as we have stopped at out of the way anchorages on [...]