Fiji – July 13, 2010

We are back on the mainland after sailing the islands for the last 3 weeks. We set sail again today, headed for the northern island of Fiji, Vanua Levu.
The last few weeks have been filled with more fun and adventure. We met up with friends from Australia, Terry and Christine on s/v Sedna. [...]

Fiji – June 28, 2010

Although we ended up being at the dock for 2.5 weeks we are still enjoying Fiji. Currently Shellette is surrounded and dwarfed by several Mega Yachts….wait til you see the pics. As we waited for some boat parts we met up with some boat friends from Brazil and made new friends from [...]

Fiji – June 16, 2010

Mike and I returned to Port to take Amie and family to the airport last week. We remain here as we are waiting for parts…a popular past time for boaters….
We are getting lots of work done on the boat and making new friends along the way. We expect to leave in the next [...]

Fiji 1

Hello again! We apologize for the lack of updates on our blog however, many of the 330 islands of Fiji are quite remote and do not offer internet or phone service.
We have been enjoying Mike’s daughter, Amie, and her husband, Greg, and two children, Mason and Siena, on board with us for the last [...]

Fiji by Durochers

It’s unbelievable how fast a month will go by especially when we’re not busy living in reality. (But then again I guess with kids along, there is no such thing as not busy.) We feel so blessed being able to be here and for such a great length of time, even if it feels like [...]

Still in Fiji

Sorry for the lapse in communication. We are safe in Fiji but very remote and no access to phones or emails. We will be updating the website when we get better access around June 7th. Life is Good…..

Fiji Arrival

Bula, Bula! (Fijian Greeting!)
We are in Fiji. The weather is hot! Mike, Gary and Mike B. arrived last Saturday from NZ safely. Gary is back in USA while Amie, Greg, Mason and Siena arrived early Monday morning from Denver. We stayed a few days near Nadi, Fiji where we made preparations for [...]

New Zealand to Fiji Passage Sail-by our friend Mike B. from Denver

New Zealand to Fiji Passage Sail
April 25 thru May 8, 2010
Mike Boggess here! I am reporting on my time spent with Mike, Marney and Gary in New Zealand and Fiji.
I left Denver, Colorado in the afternoon of April 23rd and arrived in Auckland NZ at 5:25am on Sunday the 25th! Long flight but I [...]

Heading to Fiji

Next stop, Fiji. Michael, Gary and Mike B. left NZ Saturday morning (May 1st). I have been battling a bad infection for about 5 weeks now and just feel like doo doo so I flew to Fiji on Wednesday and am working with our agent and getting all the necessary clearance paperwork done [...]

NEW ZEALAND bye, bye…

Our world ’sail about’ has been one adventure after another and many memories emblazed in our minds. New Zealand has been a huge part of these wonderful memories. We’ve been in NZ since December. It has been an absolute pleasure to be in a country this long to be able to really [...]