South Island, NZ – Marnie and Mike

Well we are now nearly 2,000 kilometers ito our road trip and it just gets better each day. Everywhere you go here is different….from the sea to the Southern Alps. It is a very beautiful country! What an adventure we have had discovering NZ. We worked our way down the entire [...]

On The Road Again…… Marnie and Mike

Well Mike and Gary arrived in Wellington last week safe and sound but not before they hit the gale force winds that are so popular and unpredictable here. They hit some 50 knot winds but made it through. When they arrived I met them at the Marina where they told the manager they hit 50 [...]

Whale Tales – by Mike Dawson

By now most readers have read about our great extraordinary swim with the whales in Huahene seeing the baby with the mother with in just meters of touching them. The quest continues as we travel these great waters of the Pacific. When arriving in Neiafu Tonga a small Island, we decided to check out the [...]

The Relentless Storm – by Mike Dawson

As many of you have read and heard we recently sailed thru a tremendous storm….this is my account of those events:
Upon leaving a beautiful Island named Isle Maupiti on a wonderful Thursday morning we set voyage through the Passé Onoiau. This pass comes together with the ocean on the outside bringing 6 ft. waves and [...]

A Smidgen of Time by Mike Dawson (6/14/2009)

A Smidgen of Time
(Dedicated to my father, James Dawson)
As you are all aware we share sailing duties at various times through the day and night. Tonight was a special moment on my shift that started from 8pm to 11pm.
The other crew went down for their rest before taking their shifts later that night and morning.
Anyone [...]

Panama City – by Mike Dawson

So…here we still sit in Panama City…we have been stuck here because our Agent sucks.
We are hoping to take off for Galapagos tomorrow, Monday morning….stay tuned.
Mike has written his story of his time in Panama below. Enjoy:
Saturday Mornings
Some people take Saturday mornings to sleep in, wake up with a loved one, have a cup [...]