So Long USA…for now

We have spent the last few months in the States as  Mike needed some rotator cuff surgery.  His surgery was successful but Not

the 100% it used to be.  Still some PT to continue for full recovery.  Thank you for all the well wishes along the way.

We were fortunate to be able to visit family and friends in Michigan, New Jersey, Florida and California while in the USA.  I am posting some pics of our adventures shortly.

We will be returning to Australia this week for more adventuring….

In  the near future I will be blogging on FaceBook instead of this website, it’s cheaper.  If you are of the stubborn few who refuses to be on FB and wish to receive our updates, please let me know so I can send you updates via email.  If you are on FB and have not friended me yet, and wish to receive updates, the please friend me.

We have a long flight back to Winter down under……all for now.

Stay tuned …Life is Good!,,

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  • Adela

    So glad you guys are fine!!! I was so worry,I had no idea of Mike’s surgery. I will follow you guys in FB. Best wishes and be safe,your life is fascinating,I have been following and reading your blog since day one. Sincerely, Adela

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