Back on the High Seas!

Well we never thought we’d see the day but we finally finished the work on Shellette and she is back in the water!….and she looks fabulous!  We went back in the water early April and sailed to an island off of Brisbane where we anchored for the night.  It was strange getting back into the routine of sailing, provisioning, anchoring etc…but it sure felt great!  Back to watching the sunsets, watching dolphins and sea turtles.  We then headed further up the coast (North) to Maloolaba.  Picture Ft. Lauderdale only smaller, cleaner and more beautiful.  It’s a resort area with beaches, boutiques and lots of cafes…..a welcome change from the city.  The only downside to Maloolaba is that the entrance from the ocean to the River where the Marina is, is quite treacherous….there are massive waves beating you into the jetty….so big this is where the Surfers choose to surf.  This makes dodging the waves and surfers and jetty quite an ordeal.  One surfer was killed by a boat trying to get in when we were there…..Aussies have no fear!

Although we haven’t seen very much of the very big Australia we can tell you it is beautiful, but costly.  Absolutely everything in Australia is expensive.  (A pack of cigarettes is $20-$25…no kidding)…and everybody there smokes!  Many people have taken to rolling there own filterless butts…yuk!  The beaches in Australia are beautiful however, quite dangerous.  It is nothing for the lifeguards to make 40 rescues in one day on one beach.  The rip tides come in quick and many get saved…some not.  Another 14 year old drowned last month during a surfing competition….apparently this happens too often.  Just goes to show you, even with all the life savers that were there in the water for the competition, they still lost him.  Very sad.  Also, the Rivers that flow into the Pacific have very dangerous currents….they are dragging the rivers weekly for bodies….it’s just a way of life here.   And YES they have their fair share of shark attacks!..Mike was ready to jump in the water one day until he saw several Hammer Head Sharks around the boat…he opted for the boat!

My favorite part of Australia is the wildlife…..they really do have Kangaroos everywhere!  They are like deer in the USA…and people unfortunately hit them with the cars often!  I had the pleasure of going to the Steve Irwin Park where is family still works…what a great place.  Most animals roam free and you can interact with them.  I’ve posted lot’s more pics for you to see.  I actually got to hold a Koala Bear…..and yes, you will see Bindy(Steve Irwin’s 13 yr. old daughter) feeding a croc….apparently she is as fearless as her father was!  The Roos come right up to you and eat out of your hand.

Mike and I have returned to the States so Mike could have his scheduled rotator cuff surgery.  All went well on Tuesday and he is now resting, recouping and I’m happy to say feeling good enough to call me Nurse Ratchet!  He has several weeks of PT before we return to OZ so enjoy the newest pics in the Gallery for now!  Thank you to all for your Get Well wishes too!  Stay tuned….Life is Good!

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