We are still in Brisbane as we are working on Shellette.  She is getting quite a bit of work done and a full paint job.  It is very hard work but will be worth it in the end.  While we are doing much work ourselves we do have lots of help to do other things too.  Mike is really working hard trying to get things done while also managing everyone involved….it is quite the task.  The weather has not been cooperative with lots of rain so we demasted Shellette and moved her inside the shed.  (Pics in the Gallery)

Brisbane, which is in the State of Queensland has suffered many floods, cyclones and monsoons over the last year.  Many deaths and thousands of homes have been lost.    This January we’ve had nearly 14 inches of rain.  When the sun does come out it is hot…in the 90’s…. 

They definately talk funny and have funny words for everything….hard to keep up sometimes.  Breaky, Snowie, Icy, Rocket, Pisser…..That means…Breakfast, Snowcone, Icecream, Salad, Party….   The Australian dollar is quite strong now, higher than the USD.  We can not tell you how expensive it is here….to get an idea…they Payless Shoe Store here as well….a pair of shoes costs $59.99AUD….$63USD  YIKES!!!!

We haven’t had time to really see much of Australia yet but we took some time to take a boat ride down the Brisbane River yesterday and took lots of pics.  We also were able to watch the Superbowl this morning at 9:30am Aussie time….very wierd having coffee and donuts while watching football!!! 

That is it for now but check out the picture gallery for recent pics….stay tuned…Life is Good (even in the boatyard)  :)

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  • Adela

    You guys have the greates playground in the world,which is our great Ocean. I can not imagen for a momment these 3 years, absorbing every minute that goes by,all the new culture that you have experience,the days,the night,changing constant as you travel.May God kips protecting you,and may God Bless you both.I enjoy every letter of yours,and all the pictures.Thank you for sharing.Keep then comming,and be safe. Adela

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