Shellette in Australia

Hi All.  Just an update to let you know what is going on.  I am currently in Denver taking care of the parasite I picked up.  Glad to say I am finally starting to feel better.  Thanks for all the well wishes. 

After sailing to Australia, Mike and Shellette made their way down to Brisbane where they remain in the boat yard.  Shellette was hauled out and sits on the hard (pics in Gallery).  She has some structural issues that stem from her not being properly repaired and painted three years ago.  This is what happens when you are not able to manage the work done on your own boat firsthand.  Anyway, Mike is working very hard but it will take time.  She is getting a brand new paint job, which is costly but worth doing right.    She will literally be good as new when she is done!  We will spend some time with family for the holidays and return to Australia to finish working on Shellette.  Then we will spend some time touring Australia, finally. 

Best wishes to all for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving….Life is Good…..Stay tuned…

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