We sailed to the island of Malakula and anchored in a bay known as Port Sandwich.
Luckily we had a good cruising guide book because as tempting as this bay was to take a swim….it is known as quite the shark haven. Years ago they started to discard cattle carcass’ here and all the sharks came. Several people (yachties) have been killed here…only a few years ago, sadly a 9 year old girl…. The locals tease that the sharks only like the white people…they are sweeter!

While in Port Sandwich, we were invited to a very small village of only 20 people. They showed us there beautiful garden on the mountainside and enjoyed laughing at us as we broke out into a sweat climbing said mountainside! They shared their many fruits and veggies with us and even cracked open the coconuts and passed them around….and I wonder why I’m having intestinal issues?:)

The children played with and braided my hair as we sat in one of the huts…the blonde things is unique to them. We gave them some clothing, a cooking pot, fish hooks etc…boy were they excited. They have no electricity but when we returned to the main land Mike donated a solar panel and batteries to them….

We also made friends with a women named Mary. Mary came for tea on the boat one day. She traded fruits, veggies and mud crabs for 500 vatus ($5) and some drinking cups…they didn’t have anything to drink from.

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