Vanuatu – WOW!!!

Hi All….We arrived in Vanuatau safe and sound. We have a rough sail half the time and beautiful the second half. We checked into the island of Tanna which is the south end of Vanuatu and also home of the world’s most active volcano. They actuall let you walk up to the rim and look down. It is quite amazing. We’ve also survived a few quakes since we’ve arrived but all is well. We have lot’s to say and lot’s of pics to share but internet is very limited here (the most limited area to date). It is Sunday here and the internet cafe is closed but they let us come in for a few minutes to get this email off to you all. We are now in Port Villa and heading to the norther islands. We keep you up to date and write a nice blog about our last week here. It has been absolutely amazing!!!! Love to you all. Stay tuned…Life is good!!!

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