Back in Fiji

We’ve returned to Fiji and the very HOT climate. It is still the rainy season so the humidity is very high. BOY can it rain here. Shellette is happy we are back and we are beginning work to get her put back together.

That is it for the moment….more to come later….Life is Good.

1 comment to Back in Fiji

  • Mike Boggess

    Welcome back to Paradise! Sounds like all is well. I can imagine all of the cleaning taking place right now! Must feel good to be “Home”!
    I passed my Coastal Navigation Course last Tuesday! I really enjoyed the class. I am taking a Bareboat Chartering class this coming weekend! WE sail from Marina Del Ray to Catalina Island then return the following day. We sail out on a monohull & return on a cat. So we get experience on both. Should be fun!
    Hope all is well with you two and that you continue to enjoy Life! Give each other a hug for me!


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