Fiji – July 13, 2010

We are back on the mainland after sailing the islands for the last 3 weeks. We set sail again today, headed for the northern island of Fiji, Vanua Levu.

The last few weeks have been filled with more fun and adventure. We met up with friends from Australia, Terry and Christine on s/v Sedna. We first met them when our boats were tied together going through the Panama Canal last year. We sailed together for almost a week this time. We spent a few days at an uninhabited island, Navadra. This was a beautiful island that has nothing but cliffs, seashells and wild goats. Other friends of ours told us about this island as they found it a few weeks ago and actually killed a wild goat, caught a shark and had a big feast. We were invited to the party but as adventurous as we may be, no thanks on the wild goat meat!

We moved onto some other islands and the four of us made SevuSevu together at Nalauwaki Village. This is the customary presentation of the Kava Root to the village chief in order to ask permission to anchor and fish in their waters as well as being allowed on the island. We were granted permission to use the island as well as being given permission for “us women” to use the river to do the laundry. As I’ve mentioned, they are way behind the times in many ways. We’ve made many friends in the village now and Mike even found his own local fishing guide, Tom. Tom likes the ‘big boat’ so here showed Mike where to catch the fish, as long as we let him on the boat to show us where to go.

We were invited to a big party on Waya Island where the resort there had the most famous Fijian band playing. We were told that this band was the equivalent to Lady Ga Ga in the U.S. Mike’s reaction was, “who is Lady Ga Ga?” When I translated that to mean Bruce Springsteen, he understood. The entire village was also invited to this party and we had soooo much fun. That night, after much wine had been consumed, Mike invited half the village and half the resort to our boat the next day for a July 4th celebration…..what a wake up call that was the next day. We managed to tone things down and luckily most folks were as hungover the next day as we were so the July 4th party was a simple BBQ for 5! One local villager, Joe came and he played the guitar and sang for us…fabulous.

The next day or so we were off to discover Mantaray Channel where you can snorkel with the rays at certain times of the year. We are lucky that time is now. We also bought some lobsters from the locals. 4 lobsters for $30FJD, that is only $15 USD!!! Yummy, we will be going back there for sure!

They say it is a small world but get this…..we met up with some friends, Amy and Scott who are at a resort in Fiji on their honeymoon. That is a small world! Unfortunately, our visit was cut a little short due to a storm that rolled in that night and we had to take shelter in a nearby bay. The season in Fiji now is Winter. The days are hot but the nights are actually quite cool. The Fijians think it is cold…..they would never last a winter in the U.S. That is it for now. Stay tuned for tales from our next visitors, Jenn and Kyle who arrive Friday and will meet us in Venua Levu. Life is Good……..

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  • Hi ya Awl !!!

    (just a little americanism I picked up a while back. Must say how much I have enjoyed reading of you adventures other than the times when Marnie is out damaging herself, Mike what on earth are you doing to the lady, tripping up crossing roads, falling of docks and gashing head etc etc …..

    Well Wellington hasn’t changed, still windy (heheheh) but at least it keeps changing direction rather than always from the cold cold south !!!!

    I have had my daughter Alice staying with me over the school holidays which has been just great, although I always envisaged that when I had finished the Aft cabin refit I would move in there but no such luck. Discovered her screwing a hairdryer bracket to the bulkhead the other day. The danger of raising independantly minded females and teaching them how to use tools eh?

    On a more somber note, her mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer which has gone undetected irrespective of regular screening (seemingly too high on her chest) she has had the growth removed and in undertaking chemotherapy and due the 2nd of initial 3 batches next week. So Alice will come and stay with me as her Mother doesn’t want me to stay at their place to help out ! I don’t understand that but then don’t understand what happened anyway.

    On a more happy note, I have been offered full time ongoing employment with the parent Trust of SixStar who I have worked for over the last 11 months. So that’s good as it means I get to settle some bills and I am now sure that I can continue paying Alice’s school fees etc without having to sell any assets. So that’s a load off my mind.

    Still see Barbara whenever she has time and strength to get into town and yet more good news as her daughter is expecting a baby. Barbara is just over the moon.

    Oh and I got through my six month dry audit of systems re my commercial status however failed in my attempts to become a marriage celebrant…seemingly they didn’t relate to my statement that I have done it enough times to be an expert… I will try again, I mean why should those single people continue to be happy, let’s encourage them to get married and suffer like we did.

    Right must away, great to catch up and Marnie, please be careful out there.

    Lots and lots of love and where are the photos hiding on this site?

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