Fiji Arrival

Bula, Bula! (Fijian Greeting!)
We are in Fiji. The weather is hot! Mike, Gary and Mike B. arrived last Saturday from NZ safely. Gary is back in USA while Amie, Greg, Mason and Siena arrived early Monday morning from Denver. We stayed a few days near Nadi, Fiji where we made preparations for our trip to other islands around Fiji. There is a long line of paperwork to be completed when coming and going to the islands in Fiji but that is their way so we must abide. Also, internet access is sporadic, at best so please be patient with our communications.

The six of us set out for Malolo lailai Island on Thursday morning but not before I did a stupid thing and attempted to try to push off the dock and fell off the boat. In the process I hit the dock (with my face) and fell in the water. Greg, being the professional rescuer that he is, jumped to my aide and had me out of the water in seconds. I ended up with a few stitches over my eye and all is well. (Nothing like seeking medical care in a third world country.)

Now we are happy to be moored in the bay at Musket Cove. It is a beautiful resort where we enjoyed a fabulous, traditional Pig Roast buffet followed by the local villagers dancing and singing for us. We are heading to the beach today and will get some diving, snorkeling in as well. Our plan is to do some island hopping over the next few weeks. Amie and Greg may want to write to blogs during their stay as well. Stay tuned….Life Good….

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  • Stephanie Omlie

    Try to keep it safe. At least you have someone who knows how to suture you up!!! Can’t wait for the beautiful pictures. Glad Amie and family got there safely.

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