Heading to Fiji

Next stop, Fiji. Michael, Gary and Mike B. left NZ Saturday morning (May 1st). I have been battling a bad infection for about 5 weeks now and just feel like doo doo so I flew to Fiji on Wednesday and am working with our agent and getting all the necessary clearance paperwork done so the boat and it’s crew will be allowed in.
Shellette is one of several boats that left together and will be in daily radio contact along the way. I’ve been looking forward to sailing a passage like that from the beginning…but oh, well, maybe next time.
Our last week in NZ has been fun as we welcomed Mike B. from Denver. We also had our Boat Buddies from Washington State stay with us, Brad and Linda. It was nice to have a boat full of folks other than the same ol threesome (no offense crewmates!) Mike B. makes hand made guitars and actually made Michael his guitar recently. Michael is now taking lessons from Mike B. so I expecting a personal serende soon! This last week in NZ we spent in The Bay of Islands cruising around to a few different bays, tramping etc. One night we even broke out the guitar and had a sing along…thank you Mike B. for that. Several boats in the anchorage took off during our sing along….don’t know what’s up with that! Even Gary remembered a few strings from back in the day….
Well that is it for now. I will keep you posted on the arrival of Shellette in Fiji…ETA Saturday, May 7th… Life is Good…

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