Moving North – New Zealand

We’ve made our way to Bay of Islands which is located in the northern part of the North Island. Captain Cook came here and named it Bay of Islands for the 100+ islands that line the coast. It is beautiful, to say the least.
We had a terrible loss of many of our pictures of New Zealand so we are taking lot’s here and will update you with more pics soon.
It is Saturday in New Zealand and getting to be pretty cold here in the mornings and evenings as it is Fall, soon to be Winter. We are in Opua which is the check out port before leaving for Fiji. We await Mike’s friend, Mike B. from Denver arriving tomorrow to make the passage to Fiji with Mike and Gary. I have opted to join the “flying wives/partners club” and will take a plane and meet up with Mike B’s wife, Kellen in Fiji. We will finally get some more company in Fiji with Mike’s daughter, Amie, husband Greg and children Mason and Siena. We are very excited to have them join us.
We are now taking the next days to provision and prepare Shellette for the 7 day passage to Fiji. We then await the appropriate weather for the boys to set sail.
We’ve had an outstanding time in NZ and are sad to be leaving…..stay tuned for our NZ summary. Life is Good…..

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