South Island, NZ – Marnie and Mike

Well we are now nearly 2,000 kilometers ito our road trip and it just gets better each day. Everywhere you go here is different….from the sea to the Southern Alps. It is a very beautiful country! What an adventure we have had discovering NZ. We worked our way down the entire east coast by car and camping along the way. We made it all the way to Bluff, the most southern point of South Island and only 4,000+ kilometres to the South Pole and 15,000km to New York! We’ve enjoyed such beauty of the coastlines as well as the Mountains. We are now headed up the West Coast and working our way further inland to cover more ground in the shortest amount of time. We took a Jet boat excursion and that was a blast just flying over the waters where Lord of the Rings was made. We are now in Lake Tekapo. The color of the lakes here are that crazy blue from the glaciers as the glaciers are what feed these lakes. You won’t believe the color. We have seen so much wildlife along the way and met more fabulous people. We even bumped into a few other boaters we met in French Polynesia. We’ve crossed mountains and cruised overnight on a ship through Doubtful Sound. Today we did the ultimate in taking a helicopter tour of Mt. Cook (the highest Mtn. in NZ at 12,200ft) and several of the glaciers here. What a very special trip that was. We covered so much land in 70 minutes and even landed on the snow on the top of a mountain… crazy is that?! We will spend another day here as we have been running at full speed trying to get to see as much as we can. We will hike, kayak and swim tomorrow to rejuvenate before making our way to the top of South Island and back to Wellington so Gary can take some time to tour this great place. You are all in our thoughts and we wish you could all experience these things with us. Life is Good…..

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