New Zealand, Great Barrier Islands – by Gary Dawson

New Zealand

Great Barrier Isl.

It feels like a lot has transpired since I last wrote. I spent 4 days at Great Barrier Isl.. It is in essence a wilderness Isl. with many beautiful bays and anchorages. At this time of year I was one of a very few number of boats out there. I did go on a 3.5 hr hike with a couple from England and had a jolly time of it.

I then sailed for Whangarie on the mainland, about 45 miles. There I meet up with Nicole, Colby and Amanda for a couple of days. Nicole and Colby were just finishing up a 2 week trip around New Zealand. Amanda has been working on that boat she sailed on from Fiji. It was great seeing them all again. But sadly today they all left. Colby and Nicole back to the US and Amanda back to Auckland, New Zealand.

Tomorrow I will sail to Auckland to pick up Mike and Marnie on the 24th. Its about 150 miles and I will just take my time stopping at some more little bays and Islands enroute.

All is well and the adventure continues.

Happy Holidays

I wish you all could be here with me, but you are all here with me in my heart. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Love Gary

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