Life in the U.S. – Mike and Marnie

As you know Mike and I have been in the States the last several weeks.  We’ve enjoyed seeing family and friends.  We’ve attended football games and hockey games.  We even managed a surprise birthday party for Mike in November!!!! We also made it back to Key Largo, FL to spend a wonderful Thanksgiving with Mike’s family.   We are ready to return to the boat next week which is with Gary in New Zealand.

The boat will be hauled out January 7th and lots of work and maintenance to be done.  We will then take turns with Gary leaving the boat and spending time touring the land.  We will get back to regular pictures on the website as well.

We will spend the next four months in New Zealand, which is summer time there.  After that we head to Fiji and don’t know yet how long we will be there.

We wish you all the Happies of Holidays!  Life is Good….Be sure to live it!

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