Galapagos Islands – Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello everyone. We are still in the Galapagos Islands. We spent the first few days catching up on some rest after our long sail from Panama and cleaning the boat as it gets quite dirty on a long passage.

I wanted to fill you in on our ‘crossing of the Equator’ experience. I believe it was last Sunday evening around 1:30am when we crossed. We all woke up and had a glass of Champagne. Mike and Ben wanted to do the celebratory jumping in at 00-00 degrees so they did. At my request (duh), they wore life vests and tied themselves to the boat!
As I mentioned before, I’ve seen too many fins lately to partake in this ritual myself. Gary just thought the water was too cold (as it was). As soon as Mike hit the water his life vest automatically inflated (unexpectedly) …..which made a loud noise and tightened around his neck and torso. When Mike returned to the boat he told us he initially thought his time had come and that he was in the jaws of a shark when all this happend!!! Gary said to Mike, “Of course Danny would get you only the best of the best life vests like that”. Always a comedy show around here. When we did finally see land the next morning, Ben said, “Thank God, I’m not going to die”! Apparently, he wasn’t feeling real great about sailing all week.

I have seen some beautiful skies and stars in my days living in the mountains and at the beach…..There are no words to explain the amount of stars in the sky that evening at 00-00 degrees. It was the Milky Way times 10!!! Just beautiful!

We have been exploring the Islands here and it is an extraordinary place. I will be downloading pictures in the next few days. For now, know we are safe and will be here for another week or so, we think. Stay tuned……Love to all..

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  • Stephanie Omlie

    I was thinking for a while this week that immigration took you guys in!. Glad you are ok. Will come up with some great emails for the next ocean leg. Will Ben go with you at that time? Love to read the other comments from your friends and family, they crack me up. It is like being at the going away party all over again. Enjoy, glad you are safe and in a beautiful place. Can’t wait for the pictures. the weather in Colorado is nice right now.


    Hola amigos! so nice to hear from you again,I keep checking and by now I was worry,thanks God every thing is good and having a great time,can not wait for those pictures… Stay well,stay safe and keep on sailing. We are having a great weather in Toms River,NJ Regards

  • Cindy Flinn

    Congratulations all! This is fantastic. I can only imagine what your adventure must be like. Jeff and I are living vicariously through you as we get ready on this Sunday night to return to our “desk jobs” tomorrow. Wow, keep the great posts and emails coming. We love them and love you all.


  • Ken Dawson

    Can’t wait to see pictures and read your stories about the G islands. This would be the exciting parts of your adventure that I relish so make sure you continue your great journalistic spendor.


  • Denise Becker

    So glad you are all safe and sound. Thanks for insisting on the life vests and the lines to the boat! I’m glad Ben jumped in,but I’m also glad I didn’t know about it at the time. My hair can’t get much whiter! Thank you for giving my son such an amazing experience, I’m sure he will never forget it.
    All the best to you on your trip.

  • craig auten

    I’m following also in awe over the pure thought of doing something like this. Mike the tightening of the jacket only made the stars seem brighter.

  • Sue & Emil

    Congrats on the Equator crossing! While you and Mike were jumping in the ocean, Emil & I were up in Mackinaw City watching the Huge waves crash up on the breakwall right by Sunshine! She still looks great & ready for summer. (It was freezing up there) Take care & smooth sailing. Love you – Sue & Emil
    ps. love the pix – keep posting them

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