LAND HO! Monday, May 25, 2009

We’ve arrived at the Galapagos Islands! We are safe and sound and have arrived around 1pm today! We came in on practically fumes…but we made it. We are anchored off Isla Santa Cruz and awaiting Customs and Immigration. We are not to leave the boat until they come. A Doctor is to also come and make sure we don’t have the Swine Flu.
It is all surreal right now. The islands themselves are large and beautiful. We can’t wait to explore.

Stay tuned….Love to all.

7 comments to LAND HO! Monday, May 25, 2009

  • JoDean Cooper

    Land ho to all,
    Just a short wish of ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to you, Marnie.
    I really enjoy reading your ‘diary’.
    The kids and I think of you often, I show them the newest pictures when I can.
    France was a nice trip, lots to tell.
    I started school 2 wks. ago. I’m starting with up’do’s and blow-drys. Last week I did my first 0 degree cut/trim. On the mannequin of course. I’m really liking school. Hours are incredibly flexible. Perfect for me.
    As of now, Alain and myself are both out of a job. It’s getting weird around this valley.
    On another note, I tested out for my Jiu-Jitsu Blue belt! I’m an advanced martial artist now. Yippee!
    Galapagos Islands….as a student of Biology, it would be a dream come true to visit.
    Take it all in, for me.
    much love and best wishes,
    JoDean, Makena and Forrest

  • craig auten

    I love you guys. I am so following the trip and enjoyed both Garys and Mikes words. I agree with Marne that what is lived is 90% fun and 10% what you make of the rest.

  • Sarah

    Hey there – congrats on making on barely any gas….. Enjoy the island. Can’t wait to see these pictures.

    Love ya

  • Jay McConaghy

    Jane and I, had a great time @ the “send off” in Key Largo. Really think Mike and You are a “great fit”…glad too see you so happy…(as I know your Mom and Dad would). As for “Captain Ron”, well all I can say and be honest about it… when I look at myself in the mirror in the mourning when I shave…Think… (Are Gary and I one in the same?)…and I reply “God…THANK YOU for my GOOD LOOK’S, and “Pierce Bronson” style, when dealing with women (MAKE SURE GARY SEE”S THIS).
    Love you all, stay safe, keep in touch,

  • Jay McConaghy

    Guess you guy’s are about to “shove off” for the South Pacific leg…One thing to keep in mind… space is limitted on board…. Am told,”Ladies “there ware “grass skirts”…. “MAKE SURE THAT THE LAWN MOWER ” that Gary brougth dos’nt take up much space.
    Best too You, Mike, and “Captian Ron”
    Love ya,

  • Karen Snow

    Who you calling Ho? Just kidding. Luck is with you once again with the whole gas thing, Crazy. Can’t wait to see the Islands thru your eyes. Keep the postings coming, I am hanging on every word. Love, Karen

  • Jenn

    Omg..barely any gas I am a nervous wreck..LOL just kidding! I had a few missed calls when I was at work today not sure if one was you or not…anyway hoping you got through immigration love you! oxoxoxox

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