Equator Here We Come – Sunday, 5/24/09

On the way to Galapagos…..We are all safe and somewhat sane! We were hoping to arrive at the Galapagos this morning however, our fuel supply has run lower than anticipated and we had to go well out of our way and tack to catch some wind….long story-short, we will be there tomorrow (Monday) late afternoon(ish). You know what they say “God laughs at men that make plans”!
Anyhooo…we are motoring once again, with the main sail up. We have some very choppy seas today with 7ft+ seas and 20-24kt winds. The winds are somewhat in our favor so this is helping push us along and save on fuel. As much as I have found I don’t really enjoy being at sea for long periods of time, I somehow enjoy a good choppy seas day now and then! It just gets the adrenaline pumping….. Okay, did I say 7ft. seas…I mean maybe more like 10ft.(we just had a big one crash on us as I write this.) Not to worry, it is forecasted to get calmer as the day moves on. If you are curious about the distinction between rough seas and choppy seas, I categorize the difference by way of summarizing the amount of bruising you endure taking your morning shower….so this morning, only a few bruises! Now if you awake and step out of bed and are thrown involuntarily into the shower…then it is rough seas.

We apparently caught a fish yesterday, but nobody heard the reel go out and whatever it was took all our line out and then left. Needless to say, Gary had a good 20 minutes of reeling in the line! We found quite a few flying fish and squid had jumped on the boat yesterday….we’re still hoping for some Mahi Mahi to jump on board!

The real news today is that we are about to hit another milestone in our journey….reaching the Equator! We expect to reach the Equator tonight around midnight-1am! The champagne is once again on ice so we will celebrate. Many sailors also acknowledge this milestone with a celebratory jump in the ocean at 00-00 degrees….well good for them….I’ve seen too many fins in these parts to partake in that ritual! Well, that is it for now…I am anxious to get to land as my brain had Sunday morning arrival programmed in it so I have to have a conversation with myself about making it to Monday afternoon! Love to all….

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  • Stephanie Omlie

    Yeah! almost there. I hope it is even better then expected. I am a little freaked about fish jumping on the boat. So much for keeping the windows open when you are sleeping! I will have to come up with some really funny stories for the trip to The French Polynesian Islands, a month on the seas… wow. I am enjoying your adventures. Stay safe! Happy Memorial Day (tomorrow). Stephanie

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