Thursday, May 21, 2009-I think!

Just a brief wrap up of our time in Panama. Of course the Canal was very exciting. You read about what Mike and Gary had to say…so you know that none of us were thrilled with Panama City. We heard such great things about it, but don’t feel it was worth a trip for anyone thinking of spending the money for a flight. We did take a 7 mile sail to a Panamanian island called Taboga. It is a small fishing village with friendly people, cheap eats and a beach! Our bill for 4 good dinners, 1 bottle of wine, 6 beers, was only $34! We were happy to get a way from Panama for the weekend… that was just the icing on the cake.

We are now at the half way point-on our way to Galapagos. The seas are mellow with just some 2 ft. waves and 3 ft. rollers. Calm seas mean calm winds so we have been motoring most of the time. We expect to arrive in Galapagos sometime on Sunday…hopefully we will catch some wind at some point and be able to make up some time sailing to get us there sooner.
Ben has been travelling with us and has been seasick the first few days but is on his way back and actually was able to do his shift this afternoon. Gary heard about a new seasick drug not found in the states and we found some in Panama (Sturgeon). Mike has not been seasick this time at all. Yeah!!! (Ben chose not to take meds until it was too late.)

Apparently, the Pacific has much bigger fish than we are used to. Dos Dawsons have caught Grande fish everyday! Three monsters in three days. Two Marlin and a Swordfish…fun to catch but really too big to get on the boat as this Catamaran is not equipped to deal with bringing those big ones on board safely. It takes all four of us just to land the things…. Mike and Gary to real them in, Ben to look at our picture book to tell us what kind of fish is on the end of the line and also help me guide the boat in the direction of the fish, and me to drive the boat and follow wherever those big fish decide they want to take us. We’ve determined that if we tell Gary there is a Mermaid on the end of the line, he reels really fast! (He is on to us now though.)
Mike, Gary and I have been living together on Shellette for 3 months now. We are often asked about our daily life at sea by many of you. Mike, Gary and I all have our personal views on this. My take is this….life at sea is 90% boring, 10% terrifying. They say the earth is made up of something like 80% water….I believe it!! Stay tuned for more stories on our life at sea.

That wraps it up for now…..I will download pictures when we get to land. Love to all….

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