Paralyzed in Paradise by Gary Dawson

We departed Panama, finally! We expect to arrive Gallapagos by Sunday(ish). Mostly calm seas await us on this sail, not much wind so we are motoring a good portion of the way. Read on for Gary’s latest column. ….

Paralyzed in Paradise by Gary Dawson
Paralysis is not being able to move. Could be caused by physical issues or maybe emotional (fear). Well, in our case it was caused by our agent in Panama waiting for a package for a week. O.K., O.K. so you say how can you complain it is 85 sunny and we have a swimming pool all around us (the ocean).

Well it all started way back in the Keys when the autopilot started acting up. Then I did a temporary fix in Cuba and it has lasted until now 1200 miles later. But I wanted to fix it better because of the 3000 miles we have to travel in Open Ocean. So for the last week we have been waiting for parts to arrive from the U.S. (not able to move).

First our agent gave us the wrong address so it was returned to the U.S.. Now it is back here (Friday) sitting in customs waiting to be cleared by Fed Ex. Well Fed Ex does not get around to it on Friday. So on Saturday Mike took the bull by the horns and went to Fed Ex to get the package. After 5 hours and $80 in taxis he got it.

So for the last week we have been thinking of things to do to kill time. Heck on Friday I went to the mall and walked around for two hours and had a Burger King. Well! It is going to be 6 months before I get another one (New Zealand).

Well we still can not leave as we need our exit papers and another package that our agent has had for a week and we can not get these until Monday. But we decided to end our paralysis and sail to a small Island off the coast (7 miles) and stay Saturday and Sunday.
That is were we are right now and it is a great place. Last night we had dinner out. I had a whole Red Snapper. The whole meal for 4 including drinks was $34. This morning we took a 2 hour hike spent some time at a beautiful beach and this afternoon I am going to cook a turkey.

Monday we will head back to Panama, pick up our package and exit papers and leave for the Galapagos Islands (850miles 6 days).

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  • Adela

    Good Job!!!lots of patience,I cut of done the translation for you guys,hahaha I know is frustrating when you don’t speack the language,I whent thru that when I came to this country. Well be safe and keep on sailing!!!

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