Hello Pacific Ocean!!!! May 9, 2009

First: Congratulations to my niece, Kelsey McConaghy on her First Holy Communion today!

Just a quick update to let you know we made our transit thru the canal!!!! What an experience. We finsihed around 1pm on Friday afternoon. We heard several of you were able to see us go thru the last of the locks on the web cam…We took lots of pictures too and hope to have them downloaded soon. We are currently anchored near Flamenco Marina just outside of Panama City…what a beautiful skyline. Anyway, all for now…I will update the site with details when I get to a Wi-Fi soonest. Love to all. Marnie

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  • Sue & Emil

    We watched you go thru the canal. Congrats! We called everyone in Michigan, so you had alot of people waving hello. Marnie, you don’t know us, but you’re doing a great job with the diary. Gary and Mickey are lucky to have you along. Take care and have safe travels and fair weather wherever you go! Sue & Emil Muccino

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