Hello from Grand Cayman! – April 18, 2009

Hello all.  Sorry for the delay in updating but we have not been able to get onto the internet for some reason….and it has taken us quite a while to even find an internet cafe in Grand Cayman!

Anyway, we arrived here late Thursday night.  We checked into Customs the next morning, only to learn we were not flying the proper “quarentine” flag.  Luckily they were nice about it and let it slide but told us we’d best have one to go to Panama.  We did laundry and swam on Friday.  We had a real nice dinner our on Friday and were kind of famous at the restaurant as we pulled up on our dinghy.  There are not many boats here at all….amazing as that is.  Today we rented mopeds and cruised the island a bit.  Mike and I are going to provision and after we check the weather will decide if we leave for Panama or not, tomorrow.

It should be a 6-7 day sail to the Canal from here.  All else is going well with the boat.  I will download pictures at a later time……we are very disappointed with our Satellite system as it is very slow and not always working as promised.  Please don’t worry if you don’t see updates on the site while we are at sea….it only means I wasn’t able to get access.  We are in touch with Dan each day to let him know our location….so not to worry.  We do always have radio contact!

All for for now….much love and happiness……Marnie

2 comments to Hello from Grand Cayman! – April 18, 2009

  • Cas

    Hey There, Glad all is going well. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure. Well take care and I will be keeping an eye on your trip. I think your all gonna have a great time. See you all sometime down the line.


  • Sue

    Hi Marnie,

    Glad to hear that the trip has gone off without too many glitches. It sounds like experience certainly outweighs the setbacks.
    Summer is just around the corner here in NJ. We were down the shore today. Boys were surfing (in full wetsuits) today. The saw some dolphins offshore that played nearby for a few minutes.
    Wishes for an uneventful trip to Panama. Hello to Mike and Gary.
    Love, Sue, Brendan and Andrew

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