Key West to Cuba-April 12 &13

Well, we set sail again after Easter Breakfast on Sunday morning. Dan, Mollie and the kids drove to Key West to see us off again (and to bring us some parts…talk about service!!). We managed a little Easter Hunt on the boat for the kids before we took off.

We had a calm sail this time thru the Gulf Stream last night….much more forgiving than the last two times we met! Had another issue with the Auto Pilot but Gary has once again perfomed a miracle and fixed it enroute!

Beautiful sunset and sunrise.  We have been hugging the coast of Cuba all day and will again cross the Gulf Stream to Mexico and head down to Belize.  We are expecting a little bit rougher seas this evening, but all manageable.

Cuba is quite beautiful and very mountainous.  It looks as though we have been sailing along the Rocky Mountains all day today.  Pictures just don’t do it justice.  We have not even seen a boat, we assume because nobody is allowed to own a boat here.  Hopefully we will get to see this beautiful country some day!  Mike caught a Tuna this evening and while reeling him in a much bigger fish tried to eat our tuna.  In the end we ended up with just the Tuna and had delcious sushi for dinner…..

We each take a four hour shift and this seems to be working so far as it allows us each time to rest and enjoy!  All for now….thinking of you all lots!  xo Marnie

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