Finally Setting Sail…April 9, 2009

We finally set sail today at 1:30pm.  What a mix of emotions! Excitement, Fear, Love, Harmony and Shock!….you name it, we are feeling it! Mike captained us out of the canal.  Everyone along the canal was waving and wishing us well as we sailed out to the ocean. I think we may be somewhat famous here in the Marina….(after all, we are the partying Clampetts)  I’m pretty sure the Marina folks were probably glad to see us go (ha!).  Dan towed his dinghy and rode with us out of the canal and then had to say his goodbye’s.   I’ve posted just a few pics in the gallery.  Dan took some last pics of us as he departed so we will get those on the site asap too.  We are off to the Panama Canal, but will first stop in Belize for a few days…we anticipate a 4-5 day cruise there…..

All our love to everyone!  Mike, Marnie & Gary

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