April 6, 2009 – Bon Voyage Party

What a week!  We enjoyed Family & Friends all week. What a fun party time we had.  Friday night we had a BBQ for 50 people and celebrated the many birthdays of March and April.  Happy Birthday today to Esther Dawson and Gary!!

Saturday some of us snorkeled and went diving while the others took up most of the space at the pool….it was great fun!!!  Saturday night we enjoyed about 80 people at our Bon Voyage Party!!  We ate, drank and made toasts to our family, friends and life in general. Then of course, moved on to Coconuts for more partying. Gary managed to get our beautiful new Spinnaker Sail up during the party showing the special made pirate emblem..pictures to follow shortly.

We received many thoughtful and funny parting gifts.  One in particular stands out as our friends at the Shining Stars had a custom boat flag made with pictures of Mike, Gary and myself stating “What happens on the boat, stays on the boat”!

Sunday came too quickly and we had to say some goodbye’s to many of our loved ones that came to visit. (Only until they come to visit)  We continue working on the boat and waiting for some important parts to arrive.  We anticipate being able to depart by this Thursday.

We want to extend our very, very special thanks to all of you that came to Florida to see us off!  To those of you that could not attend, we appreciate your well wishes and prayers.  We are all so blessed to have each other and share such special moments in life…..stay tuned.   Marnie

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