March 22, 2009

We arrived in Key Largo, Florida on Thursday, March 5th after a 6 1/2 day sail from St. Thomas.  It was quite adventurous!  We had some rough seas along the way but Shellette handled beautifully, as did the crew!  The five of us; Marnie, Mike, Gary, Dan and Troy, all worked 3 hour shifts around the clock.

The very first day we call it Murphy’s Day….as in Whatever can go wrong did!  It all started with calm waters (6 ft. rollers), beautiful weather.  So good, we put up the spinnaker sail….Gorgeous. We put in a fishing line to catch some dinner. Then things changed.   The head in Dan’s room blew up on him.  You got it,  he was covered in #$%^&*!  Then we went to grill up some dinner and found that part of the grill was missing so we couldn’t use it at all.  Then later in the day, the spinnaker tore completely up the middle and into the ocean…..the boys had to rush to get the sail back in the boat so it didn’t get caught in our engines, etc.. We didn’t catch any fish that day either.

Day two rolled around and another beautiful morning.  We started off with a monster of a whale doing his dance on top of the water for us…very cool.  I later realized we had bananas on the boat (which is bad luck for fishing)….so we ate all the bananas and started to catch some fish….we caught Mahi Mahi (Dauphin), Bonita (bait fish) and Tuna along the way.  One day we ate the entire Tuna for lunch as Sushi… doesn’t get any fresher than that. Dan reeled in a 250 lb. Marlin one day too!!!! His first one!  We have pictures to prove it too!  We also saw rainbows and had Dolphins swimming with us one morning.  We had rough sees around day 4 and a storm that night….things were flying all over the boat….we lost the microwave when it came flying off the counter … has since been replaced!  Day 6 we hit the Gulf Stream….BIG seas then…the power of water is amazing!!!!

We arrived in Key Largo about 3pm Thursday afternoon.  Mike, Gary, Donny, Dan..etc. have been working tirelessly since.  It is quite a job to get a boat ready to be sailed around the world.  We are getting organized now and I will start the provisioning process this week. Then, we can actually unpack and get organized.

We are very excited to see everyone coming for the Bon Voyage Party!  We are now on Skype and our Skype address is realityinterrupted.
Love to all……….more postings and pictures to come.

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