February 24, 2009

Just a little update for you.  We haven’t updated the website yet but wanted to give you an update.  Mike and I arrived in Tortoal on Friady evening.  We have been working hard on the boat and are physically sore….but emotionally fantastic.  I received word on Saturday that my car is, in fact sold….at first, yikes….I’m really doing this…..now, it’s great!

We had a little farewell dinner with Rod & Kerry (Mike’s old crew) on Saturday.  Sunday we test sailed the boat with some of the guys that worked on the boat, and their families….very nice.

Today, we set sail from Tortola to St. Thomas (only 4 hours) ….tiny bit rough….but all went well.  A few of the new alarms went off…but Mike and Gary fixed them easily.  Just a few bugs to work out.  Also, the fridge doesn’t work but will get that fixed in St. Thomas…hopefully.

Gary and Mike continue to work on the boat while I will now provision for the next leg of our trip to Key Largo.

Mike’s son Dan and another friend of his arrive St. Thomas Thursday afternoon.  We set sail Friday morning for Key Largo….approximately 6 days.

I currently sit here in the Marina, watching the sunset in St. Thomas, thinking of all of you.  I take a look across the way and spot a boat named Sinbad that is actually from Barneget Light, NJ (for you Jersey folks.)  I hope I get to meet someone over there while we are here.

That is is for now….just wanted to say hi and let you know we are safe and sound, and just really enjoying where we are.  Each day, Mike still can’t get over the fact he doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow!  He also is getting used to not living by a clock….he’s still not sure if he is hungry for lunch unless he knows it’s actually lunch time.

Big hugs… can’t wait to see you all in Key Largo!

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  • Mary

    Hey Gary,
    It’s Sue & Emil”s friend from Michigan. This is very exciting. I’m looking forward to following your adventure and seeing the beauty of the world from sea. I hope you all realize how fortunate you are, it’s something we all fantasize, but life gets in the way. So, this is the next best thing. Thank you for that! Emil mentioned he would like to meet you along the way and sail a few weeks with you. That would be right up his alley.
    I hope your having a good sail to the canal. I’ll be keeping up with you guys and will get back with you later.

    Be safe and stay well,
    Mary D’Angelo

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